Monday, April 21, 2008

Cool Things I Learned Today

I am testing Microsoft's speech recognition on blubber (Blogger).
Sadly I'd (I) type faster than I speak , at least with the strong (this tool). This is one of the benefits of going back two (to) basic tutorials . Learning new things you did not know about .

I type faster than I have to speak using this, back to typing.

I had no idea that this function was available starting with Office 2003. And, I'm able to use speech recognition throughout Windows (like in Blogger). Who knew?

Things you need:
- a headset microphone
- a reasonably quiet area
- patience

Step 1 - Set up the user profile

In Windows Start > Settings > Control Panel > Speech
Select a profile or click New to create one
Click Train Profile.
Read the sentences. It's an advertisement for how fabulous voice recognition software is.
Follow the instructions to finish.

Training speech recognition software is always a good idea. It minimizes the number of mistakes the application makes when translating. Especially if you have a strong accent.

Step 2 - Activate Speech Recognition

Open one of the MS Office programs
Tools > Speech > Speech Recognition
Move the cursor to where you want to add text.
Click Microphone to turn on the mic
Start speaking - slowly and clearly.
Click Microphone to turn it off when you don't need it. Otherwise, the ambient noise might do something funky to your document.

Even when you leave the Office program and go to a web site (like Blogger) or a non-Office program (GroupWise Mail, for instance), the Speech Recognition software remains available until you close it.

A great choice for those who hate typing.

Within the Office programs, there is also a Text to Speech tool. It suffers from "computer-voice syndrome" and can only be used within the Office programs.

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