Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Conversations Over Coffee

Had a chance to meet Greg from Microsoft. He's their primary eLearning developer for the Vendor Help Desk (the nice people you call at 3am when your Word is on the fritz). Got some interesting ideas from him:

- eMail training - develop corporate templates for particular situations. Post, share, and show how to copy/paste into the body of the email.

- He's a big fan of SnagIt for screen captures in Captivate 3, then importing the images. I occasionally use that approach if I'm having display problems (like if I need to film in 800x600 but the screen looks wonky at that resolution).

Often - I do a dry run within Captivate with any new application. Check to see what doesn't record correctly, then do it again - this time pressing PrintScreen to capture anything that doesn't capture correctly the first time. Better to have too many slides than not enough.

We also talked about vendor training v. what the client should be responsible for. My thoughts: the vendor should give us basic how-tos (like how to send an e-mail). The client is then responsible for the customization and details on workflow (when you send e-mail, the inner workings of the distribution lists, eMail policies, etc). Very cool to meet people on the other side of things.

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