Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Bittersweet Loss

Can a loss - especially one as heartbreaking as the Capital's Game 7 loss to the Flyers in overtime be a good thing?

Usually, after a loss of that sort, the building is quiet, the fan base morose. Instead, almost everyone I talked to seemed optimistic.

You know - we would have been whupped by the Penguins anyway. Better for someone else to take that beatdown. We got what we needed out of this. We'll be ready next year.

I'm so glad they got this playoff experience - we are going to be sooo dangerous!

Already got my season tickets! Can't wait!!!!!

The only naysayer...a drunk guy complaining how with Washington sports teams it's "Always next year." My thought - in ANY sports team, if you don't win the championship, it is "Always next year." Washington is no different. Hockey is no different.

But for this team - next year is going to be far more exciting!

Have a great summer boys! Can't wait to see you back in DC!!!!

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