Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pretty Spinning Circles

I am currently watching 2 friends play Tiger Woods 2006 (Xbox).

Both of them have managed to get their golfers up to super-mega-Tiger level. They play this game practically blindfolded.

Within the Tiger Woods Skins game is a setting allowing them to add spinning rings. The point is to not only get to the hole in the fewest strokes - but also to try and get the ball through the rings. There are 3 - green rings are the easiest, yellow rings a bit harder (and more likely to get you out of Par range), red rings are the hardest.

They boys weren't entirely sure what to do.

On the one hand, they wanted to put the ball through the pretty rings.

On the other hand, they wanted to get their usual -20.

Because they had mastered the game the other way, they were incredibly uncomfortable and distracted by the pretty rings.

Much to my dismay (mostly because I was entertained by their struggles), they chucked the ring setting after 4 holes and went back to their old process.

Such a simple change. Yet I was amazed at how troublesome it was.

How dramatic is the change you are asking for really?

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