Friday, March 28, 2008

One at a Time

After my trip to Florida, my bowling went downhill. Not that I was particularly good to begin with, but I at least wanted to help, not hinder my team.

Practices did little. I couldn't tell what I was doing right when I would put the ball where I wanted to (5% of the time). More advice and junk wound up in my head. I got more frustrated.

Last week, something clicked.

One ball at a time. Damn the score.

I got the highest scores I've seen in weeks.

I'm seeing the same approach working with the Washington Capitals.

One game at a time. The past doesn't matter. The future ain't worth worrying about until we get this thing in front of us taken care of. Yeah - there's a goal, but one step at a time to get there. (Go to the site and listen to any of Coach Boudreau's daily dialogs to get a feel for where the team's head is at).

We saw the same approach work for the New England Patriots. One game at a time. They wind up winning 18 in a row (no comments on the Super Bowl please - I was rooting against them too).

Big accomplishments happen with tiny steps. An eye towards the goal, but a focus on the current step.

My current goal - 3 100+ games in a row.
One ball at a time.

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