Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Waiting for Mikey

I just spent the day watching 2 departments argue over who is supposed to help us on the LMS implementation.

One of the requirements for go-live in our organization is the ability to use our enterprise system to generate user IDs and provide invisible sign-on from within our Intranet. To do this, someone needs to write a query to pull that information from our enterprise system and port that information into our new LMS. Right now, this is the only thing stopping us from moving forward.

The Enterprise group - Writing queries to port to web sites ain't our job.

The Web group - Writing queries for sites outside of the ones we are responsible for ain't our job.

Repeat ad nauseum until A) The project fails. B) A senior executive busts some heads (the project has caught the attention of our compliance group - so the university is VERY interested in this succeeding). c) Mikey comes and takes care of the issue.

a isn't an option. And I don't know Mikey (it sure ain't gonna be anyone in the Training groups).

Our director is about to bring in the big guns. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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