Monday, February 04, 2008

So Are We Adding Value?

We had the 2nd Legal Training for Staff meeting last week. Please see the linked post for the description of the characters....

During the interim, the Mucky Muck's Right Hand did a little reworking of the large, unwieldy PowerPoint. Sid and I sent him some recommendations for moving forward and organizing their material.

1) We broke the project down into 2 separate projects - the introduction (Why this is important) and the examples.

2) We encouraged the subject matter experts (The Mucky Muck and the Mucky Muck's Right Hand) to think in terms of very general examples that any employee might potentially run into. That simple instruction weeded quite a bit of dross out of the PowerPoint.

He seemed to take our recommendations to heart. Sid was shocked at how much the Mucky Muck's Right Hand accomplished with the PowerPoint. But there is still quite a bit of outlying information - and the Mucky Muck enjoys storytelling (occasionally to the detriment of understanding).

So Sid and I sent them off on another assignment - come up with Objectives for what they want to accomplish - both overall and within each section of the tutorial. The logic is that these objectives can then drive whether something stays or goes and how the final product is organized.

We told them to focus on ACTIONABLE ITEMS. What is it that the student should be able to DO at the end of it all. Oh - and they are allowed 3-5 objectives. Any more than that will overwhelm the student.

The Mucky Muck and the Mucky Muck's Right Hand liked this approach. And it was not something they had thought of themselves.

So do you think Sid and I added value?

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