Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sporatic Blogger

I know I've been sporatic lately. Don't worry - there's lots of material brewing in the next few weeks.

- A lot of my free time has been spent repurposing a blogging tool for my nefarious purposes. I'm almost ready to unleash it on the world and give instructions how I did it. Just a little more time.....

- The LMS project is starting to (slowly) make progress. I'll discuss it at length once I get past one final hurdle to progress.

- Project Management Tools. 'Nuff Said.

- Tomorrow is a big meeting on the student employment project that has been with this department for over a year. We all hope it will end soon. Just one more iteration....

- I should have more news on the Compliance project in the next week or so.

Most of the rest of my time has been spent redesigning old trainings and developing Trainer's guides so that any one of us can pick up the guide and at least muddle our way through. That wasn't interesting enough to write about, but if someone wants my 2 cents on how to create one of these monsters for a software application I'll be happy to write something up.

Figured it would be better to stay quiet than to bore you.

See you on the flip side.

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