Friday, January 18, 2008

A Message to the Google Analytics Developers

Christy was kind enough to break down my statistics.

What I find interesting is that each time either of us look, we get different numbers. I don't think that is related to my site suddenly becoming more or less popular within 24 hours.

Me and programming have a tenuous relationship. I've been known to destroy entire programs in 3 keystrokes. Plus I have spent many years training on badly coded applications. As a result, I'm not entirely comfortable with putting lots of little pieces of code that may conflict with each other in my blog template (see Karyn's comments in Dr. Karrer's post).

I like Google Analytics. It's pretty and gives me information on site hits quickly.

So here's what Google can do for bloggers who are more interested in subscribers than site hits - consolidate feed statistics from various subscription services (Google Reader, Feedburner, Bloglines, etc) and add it to the pretty pictures and stats that already reside in Analytics. This will give us all information on who we are REALLY reaching.



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