Thursday, January 31, 2008

List of stuff to think about - LMS implementation

We have an opportunity to start from scratch with this new LMS implementation. The difference between what we are doing here and what I did with Moodle is that there are many more stakeholders. In addition - our compliance group is incredibly interested in using this tool for tracking mandatory trainings and running reports.

So it behooves us to get the setup right.

Now that we (finally) have our site up and running, we have enough technical information to start making decisions.

Below is my list of configuration decisions we need to make decisions on before we turn this loose on the rest of the organization. I kinda did this informally when I set up Moodle (because it was me and Ta and if I goofed, I was the only one affected by it). Can't be that cavalier this time. The folks who should be asked each of these questions are in parentheses.

What other questions should we ask?
Any other issues we need to consider when setting this up?
Other recommendations?

Thanks again for your help!


Our organization is going to use our main enterprise system of record to import the user accounts (we hope - there's some weird politics that just came up with that issue). The course structure is fair game and up for negotiation. Here are a few things we need to consider:

- The LMS builds custom reports based on individual user IDs OR pre-defined groups.

- Reports for a series of individuals not in a pre-defined group will have to be manipulated manually through CSV / Excel.

- Goal for setup – to minimize the amount of manual manipulation required for reports.

Questions to ask regarding User and Group setup:
- What stakeholders will need to be involved as we set up these groups? (Management + LMS Team)

- How automated will the Group setup be (mapping Enterprise system fields to the LMS). (Internal Enterprise group + Vendor)

- How automated will the Group administration be? If there is a change in the field, will it automatically reassign the user to the appropriate group(s)? What impact will this have on scoring? (Vendor)

- If a user has changed jobs, are they automatically removed from the old groups and reassigned to new groups? (Vendor)

- Who is responsible for any manual changes and what process will we need to go through to confirm these changes? (Management)

- Can deactivation be an automated process through the Enterprise system or will it have to be a manual process through the LMS? (Vendor + Management)

- If manual – what is the process for determining who has left the organization? (Management)

- Will there be a regular review of the User pool to clean up any non-users? Policy for deactivation after x months of inactivity? (Vendor + Management + Enterprise group)

Questions to ask when setting up Curriculum and Course structure
- What will our Course naming convention be for Custom courses? (Mangement + LMS Team) This will be very important for custom Captivate items. I came up with one potential naming convention based on what was already in place for the old home-grown system.

- What stakeholders need to be involved? (Mangement + LMS Team) We've already started to pull in the Soft Skills training group. I have a sneaky suspicion our Compliance folks are going to want to see this sooner rather than later.

- How are we going to organize our catalog? (Management + LMS team)

- Who will determine how our curriculum is organized and what should be in each curriculum going forward? (Management)

- Who will be responsible for configuring and importing custom content into the LMS? (Management)

- Who will be responsible for developing educational plans for each employee? (Management)

- Who will be responsible for assigning that educational plan within the LMS to that employee? (Management)


The reason why we are implementing an LMS in the first place. It sure ain't for education (though interestingly, I've already gotten 3 questions today about online learning materials.....)

- Who should have access to run reports? (Management)
- What policies should be in place for determining who has this access? (Management)
- Are there particular custom permission types we should set up that are standard (e.g – this person can manage users and their curriculum, but cannot run a report)? (Vendor + Management)
- What stakeholders should be involved in this decision? (Management)


Anonymous said...

We recently rolled out a new LMS and asked many of the questions you do. Our group spent literally hours establishing the file structure for courses and course components that included term, course section, and other components. The teams involved with these discussions included the LMS implementation team, course development and design, and instructor services.

Wendy said...

It's definitely one thing to do it yourself. But I see the file structure and course component conversation taking many meetings to come up with some consensus. These meetings could get interesting.