Saturday, January 03, 2009

Game 9: Fantasy Football

My 5th place winning offense on Yahoo Sports.
Name blocked out to protect the guilty....

(BTW - I had screwed up the date in the post scheduler. So the cat is out of the bag...I am posting early....)
Game: Fantasy Football
Platform: I've played on Yahoo Sports and CBS Sportsline
Cost: Again - depends on how serious you (and your friends) are. You can do it for free if you have friends less gung-ho than mine.

Fantasy Football may be the closest I come to venturing into the MMOPG space. World of Warcraft and their ilk intimidate me. Unless one of you is willing to serve as a guide. Volunteers?

Is the game fun? Why? This is a game that extends itself over a long period of time. In both of the leagues I played in this year (yes, I got roped into 2. Don't ask ;) ) - the draft occurred during Labor Day weekend (around Sept. 1), playoffs started during Week 14 and ended Week 16. Each week - you have to re-set your lineup to account for injuries, sucky performance (Joseph Addai - I am talking to YOU!), trends, and surprise hot players (Matt Forte is my best mid-season pickup EVAH!).

Do I want to play this repeatedly? This is my second season. Peer pressure has a lot to do with my participation. It's a way to hang with friends in the online space, have common conversations (mostly consisting of talking smack), and, ultimately, strengthen relationships. 2 leagues is a bit much for me. I had a hard enough time keeping track of one team and who I was supposed to be rooting for.

I think I will be branching into Fantasy Hockey next year....

What did I learn playing it?

What I find most appealing about this game is the research component. I've learned a lot over the past 2 years about different players and how each of them work within given offenses. I also find tracking season-long trends great fun.

The biggest learning point for me this year - realizing that those overall season point stats are incredibly useful as the season moves forward and you are filling in roster holes. Just because a player is a "name" player doesn't mean he will be the biggest point-getter in your roster.

What element(s) can I use when designing a game at work? There are certain subjects that lend itself to this type of game structure. Finance and management are two that come to mind. Anything that allows you to track long-term trends over a course of months. I also find this structure does a nice job of "community-building" among folks who know each other in real-life.

Come to think of it....I wonder if there is a way to translate this structure into my little Security project.... Hmmmm.......

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