Monday, December 17, 2007

Results from Pinging the Network

The feedback I've received from my little "pinging the network" experiment has been quite informative. More for what is missing than for what I received.

After a couple of weeks, here's what I've learned:

1) Don't ask a question that's too nebulous. Thank you Christy, Tony, Dr. Cherry for encouraging me to clarify my request. And for other potential avenues to try...

2) Don't ask too many questions at once. I think my attempt at clarity got a bit out of control. The silence was deafening. It was worth a shot.....

3) The purpose of social networks is the people, not the information. The information comes with the correct people.

Still haven't figured out the most efficient way to configure my Captivate projects for porting into Skillsoft. Thus far, the only response I've received from the vendor has been "take a look at our content library." A standard vendor response (the polite version of RTFM). I've looked at the content library and the information will be very helpful for marketing the e-learning initiative to the end-user, or if I was programming for SCORM compliance cold. Not so much for configuring Captivate projects.

I've also been informed that there is a Custom Content team. I would be very excited to work with the Custom Content team if they would give me some names and contact information. The vendor has not been particularly forthcoming. And I promise not to bother them too much. Really.

So if any of you happen to know someone who works on Skillsoft's Custom Content team (or better, someone who works with both SkillPort LMS and Captivate) - please contact me via the blog or

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