Friday, December 28, 2007

Odds and Ends

Yes, I AM the center of the universe. Thanks to David Armano for reminding me of this.


Yes, Janet - I agree. The conversation about tracking competencies and the conversation about collaboration and connection are 2 aspects of the same problem. You explained this beautifully (and I like the pretty pictures).


Wouldn't it be cool if there were a button on bad tutorials labeled just that?The...'Oh....My....God.......(somebody kill me)' button. - Janet, from her comments to my Tutorial Karma post.

You know, I'm thinking of implementing this idea in future tutorials. Except I'm going to call it Next.

Somebody Kill Me might take too much space.


That same post also triggered this idea from Dr. Bob Cherry:

My prejudice on this is to favour the short movie approach (using Camtasia).. I find that three short (less than five minute) high impact "videos" are a lot more effective than workthroughs. You can see an example (HTML editor) on my Facebook page.

Also you then offer a student choice. If you have a small armory of videos - each addressing one key point of understanding - then the students can watch with a need to know attitude.

Even more attractive is response to feedback. If a student asks a good questions - I may screencast it up... they love that.. :)

I'll admit I'm a little biased against movies - if only because I have the attention span of a gnat and I need something to keep my fingers occupied, otherwise I start surfing the net after 45 seconds. It may also have something to do with my audience at the time and the subject matter.

I did a brief, not-very-scientific study during a pilot of one of my eLearning projects. I showed the doctors (most of whom have attention spans of gnats on 15 cups of coffee) a 3 minute movie, then a 3 minute interactive tutorial. Facial expressions and level of engagement (they actually said something related to the topic of the tutorial) were much higher with the interactive piece.

That said - I think the idea is a great one. Particularly the video feedback response. Kids like video.....And we all need to be reminded to keep it short. I know I never want to sit through a 3 hour eLearning session again.....


Congrats to Christy on 1 year of blogging! Happy Anniversary!!!


A big thank you to the 10 people who voted for me in the EduBlog awards! I'm still amazed I have that many readers!!!!! Mom and Dad don't even read this thing!!!!!


Oh yeah - and 2 new years resolutions for the blog are:

- To comment more on the comments I don't receive many - but the ones I do get are fantastic. Especially now that I know that others have a fighting chance of seeing my comments to their comments (thank goodness Blogger finally put in a "subscribe to comment thread" feature).

- To finally get around to tagging all of my previous posts.

Hopefully, I won't have to make these same 2 resolutions next year.

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