Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Enthusiasm Trumping Talent

Much to our collective surprise, the bowling team has managed to maintain either first or second place for all but 2 weeks of the season.

Even more surprising, our obnoxious behavior is slowly winning over some of the more serious teams in the league.

We cheer when one of us strikes.

We cheer when one of us spares.

We cheer when one of us gets a nasty split. And yell "Field Goal!" as the ball goes through that split. (Nothing more satisfying than watching 4 of your closest friends act like a cheerleading squad. Now if I could only convince the boys to wear wigs, pompoms, and skirts....)

We cheer when one of us picks up a tricky shot - or sends the ball into the gutter (We call 2 gutterballs in a row a "Dodo." I've had a few of those).

And we do the same thing for the other team - at least the strikes and spares and good shots. The mocking we save for each other.

Last night, we played one of the most serious teams in the league. They have the best bowler in the entire alley (a 200 pin average). Everyone else on the team hold 150+ pin averages.

By the second game, even the 200 bowler was smiling and high-fiving us. Other teams looked over at the jacked-up freaks (us) in alley 36 wondering what the heck was going on to loosen up the "serious team". I don't think the league has ever seen the 200 bowler SMILE before.

One of the ladies on the serious team was not bowling well that night.
"You know, I'm bowling almost 70 points below my average..." (I was having a good evening and actually beat her 2 of the 3 games). "And I'm having the best time bowling in years!!!!"

That was the best complement we've received all season....

4 of the 5 of us on the team still believe that our emphasis on bonding with each other Monday nights is more important than our scores. (Fearless leader is not entirely convinced yet - but the rest of us will slowly break him down...)

And I suspect that our enthusiasm is going to get us through this season with flying colors. Who knows, with our crummy handicaps and obnoxious attitude, we may pull out first place at the end after all.

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Karyn Romeis said...

Raw enthusiasm accounts for most of my achievements in life. Thank goodness, because skill is not always in plentiful supply!