Sunday, December 09, 2007

Captivate and Skillsoft

This is my attempt at clarifying what I'm looking for. I'm hoping that I'm not confusing things further.

I really appreciate all of the help and feedback I have received thus far from the eLearning community. I'm also going to be sending the link to this post through Facebook and to the eLearning Guild group (thanks for the idea Christy!).

I'm going to summarize everything as I get information and try things out. If all goes well, I hope to publish a step-by-step in the reasonably near future.

If all doesn't go well - I'm sure I'll tell you about it.


Publishing a tutorial to an LMS has 2 parts:
- Creating and publishing the tutorial
- Importing the tutorial to the LMS

I need help with the settings for the Captivate tutorial.

I am going to work with Skillsoft for how I should set up the course within the LMS.

The best way I figured I could explain what I need is through a series of pictures...(at least until I can figure out how to get .swf files into Blogger...)

If you have a Captivate file (.cp) you are willing to share with me, please send me an e-mail at

Oh - and any other advice you all might have in working with an LMS vendor is greatly appreciated as well.


Individual interactions (click boxes, text entry, etc.)
Any recommendations for formats for the Objective ID and the Interactive ID?


Quiz Reporting - Does Skillsoft prefer the score reported as a raw score or as a percent? Does it matter?


SCORM Manifest - Any recommendations for the format for the Course Identifier and the SCO Identifier?

I know that in Skillsoft the Mastery score in the Captivate file needs to be the same as the Minimum score in the Skillsoft course.


LMS Customization settings - When I talk to Skillsoft, is there anything I need to ask regarding these settings?


Project Quiz Settings - Do the Objective and Interaction ID in the project settings need to be the same as in the individual interaction? (I've never been entirely sure how this works...)


PENS - Is there anything I need to consider when I talk to Skillsoft about these settings? Information I must make sure I have to make these tutorials successfully run in Skillsoft?


Again - thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I tried uploading a course to SkillPort and someone was helpful enough to provide me with details of errors I may receive. The course was created using Captivate 5. Here are a few issues faced:

"if a user completes a quiz and uses the slider control to go backwards in the course to retake parts of it, (or retake the quiz if failed) a flash error may be generated at launch and the course will not load. Once this occurs we expect it will block that user from re-launching the course each time and users may not be able to complete the course. We have seen this error with content from another client and they have solved this by removing quizzes from their Captivate 5 content, but you may also be able to fix this by removing bookmarking and/or working with Adobe Support on the issue to ensure that the quiz is correctly inserted AND all dependencies are covered.

The flash error we see is as follows:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
                at mmquizzingv4_as3.mmquizclasses::QuizController/getQuestionsForSlideContainer()
                at mmquizzingv4_as3.mmquizclasses::QuizController/getQuestionFromNumInQuiz()
                at mmquizzingv4_as3.mmquizclasses::QuestionScore/restoreState()
                at mmquizzingv4_as3.mmquizclasses::QuizController/restoreState()
                at mmquizzingv4_as3.mmquizclasses::PlaybackController/restoreQuizState()
                at mmquizzingv4_as3.mmquizclasses::PlaybackController/doPollRestoreQuizState()
                at Function/
                at SetIntervalTimer/onTimer()
                at flash.utils::Timer/_timerDispatch()
                at flash.utils::Timer/tick()

Please note that the course has assigned data for the SPPub.ini and metadata in the LMS that was either provided by the Captivate package or assigned by us as not provided."

Hope that helps. I will go through these issues myself and try to get Captivate 5 working in harmony with SkillPort LMS.

Andrew Light said...

I'm having this same issue with a CP5 project and, so far, Adobe Support has been unable to identify and fix the root cause. Were you able to get to the bottom of it or find a work around which does not involve disabling bookmarking?