Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Grab Bag of Unrelated Ideas

Courtesy of Dave Snowden:

Any writer who can use the image of Paris Hilton as a researcher to make her point has my utmost respect. Jennifer Ouellette must have been inspired by Ms. Hilton's charitable work towards saving the drunk elephants. Cocktail Party Physics is highly entertaining reading.


I share Karen's mixed feelings. On the one hand - I'm thrilled that anyone with an elementary school education can read me (though much of the subject matter would probably bore them to tears). On the other hand - I'm cowed by those who write at a higher level. Especially when they use the "big words" (e.g zeitgeist, paradigm, any -ology or -onomy) correctly.

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Then I remember the rant I would give my students when I taught University-level history: If a 3rd grader can't understand what you are saying - how do I know that you know what you are talking about?

Understand that the above rant is directed at kids right out of high school - NOT the eloquent bloggers who populate my Google Reader and who are willing to engage me at their level and let me know that I am not completely out of my mind....
(Thanks again, Tom!)


So THAT'S why I've sprouted more gray hair this year!!!


This post from gapingvoid makes me revisit if there truly is a difference between "education" and "marketing". How many vendor tutorials look like lengthy sales pitches? How much time are you spending in your classes "selling" your topic?


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