Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Discovering Guitar Hero

Discovering Guitar Hero

My brother is a bad, bad man.

Hey Wendy, I got Guitar Hero III for the Xbox 360. Wanna play?

Of course!!!!

Guitar Hero strikes me as a fancy version of Simon with much better sound.

For us non-musicians - this thing is harder than it appears.

If you know the song - it's much easier to predict where the song is going.

After 2 separate encounters, I can report the following:

- I managed to get through Pat Benatar's Hit Me with your Best Shot on the first try. Yes - I like Pat Benatar. Whatsittoya......

- Foghat's Slow Ride took me about 3 tries. I forgot how great this song was.

- Heart's Barracuda took me 2 tries. Thank goodness for those long chords....

- I am shamed that I am embarrasingly bad at Kiss' Rock and Roll All Night and Rage Against the Machines' Bulls on Parade.

- This thing is almost embarrasingly addictive. Because dangit - I'm gonna figure out that riff!!!!

I talked to my Dad and Brother about how this might translate into learning how to play music. Their consensus - it doesn't.

Dad's Take (he plays trumpet and ukelele): You get good at a specific skill - getting good at Guitar Hero. But there really isn't a translation between this and playing music.

Bro's take (he plays drums, ukelele and bass): It might help with rhythm a bit - but that's about it. Sometimes the riffs are different from what you expect from the music. I suspect that's why it doesn't translate to real life quickly.

Thankfully - Dad and Bro have the family music ability so I don't have to.

So now I have a weird new addiction. My next goal - find Guitar Hero III for the Wii, so I can spend endless hours trying to get through Bulls on Parade.


Karl Kapp's wife has also discovered Guitar Hero. And I agree with her - the interface is a lot of fun....


Karl Kapp said...

Wendy, Guitar Hero is such fun and even though your Dad and bro might not think its a learning tool for how to play the guitar...it is still a lot of fun. I guess to paraphrase Freud...sometimes a guitar hero game is just a guitar hero game!

Unknown said...

The thing that Wii has done, which all the others have missed, is to create an interface that closely mirrors the real thing.

I desperately want a Wii. I even suggested that we get a Wii as a family instead of individual Christmas presents this year.

I got vetoed by two teenagers for whom the non-intuitive interface of other game kit is what they're used to, and for whom the allure of the (allegedly superior) games available for XBox 360 has greater appeal. Rats!

But I would like to see a version of guitar hero that supports and improves actual guitar playing, rather than, as your brother and Dad accurately state, being only marginally related.

I see much potential in the Wii for therapy and learning applications, and its interface means it can transcend age barriers. I love the idea of granny and toddler playing some adventure game together.