Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Cat/Dog Experiment Round 2


Kaia (boyfriend's dog) has come to visit for Thanksgiving. Spike and Chainsaw (the cats) are handling the interloper visitor with their trademark combination of caution, studied nonchalance and moderate alarm.

Spike and Chainsaw have become much more comfortable with their surroundings since Kaia's last visit. The obligatory layer of cat fur has been placed around the apartment. Daily patterns have been adapted to the new environment and stabilized. As a result, the cats feel better prepared to handle any challenge.

They have also seen this particular interloper before and remember some things about dealing with her:

- Chainsaw is large enough that Kaia won't go after him. Therefore, Chainsaw plays the role of "defender" when Kaia notices Spike and decides she wants to "interact" (i.e chase Spike). Thankfully - all parties are so old (Chainsaw is 15, Spike is 14, Kaia is 13) that this doesn't happen very often.

- Kaia is losing her eyesight. Therefore, Spike figures if he moves real slow - she won't notice. He also takes advantage of his grey coat - using high spots, dark areas, and feeder woman (me) as cover.

- All parties have established their optimum "hang out" locations. Kaia has claimed underneath the coffee table and an area by the front door. She also has the main bedroom. Spike and Chainsaw have the top of the couch (the perfect location to keep an eye on the dog) and the guest bedroom.

Despite the intrusion, Spike and Chainsaw insist on maintaining their daily patterns. Spike still gives the morning and afternoon state-of-the-beastie address. Chainsaw MUST have his humidifier treatment and morning shower (which consists of him sitting next to the shower, waiting patiently for me to get out of the shower, then hopping into the bathtub and rolling around on the wet porcelain - much more effective than licking fur). And, as long as the dog doesn't try to eat their food (Kaia loves cat food), they are perfectly content.

The familiarity with the environment and prior knowledge of the interloper has made this particular visit less stressful on all parties.

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Karyn Romeis said...

In case I haven't mentioned it before: dogs have owners, cats have staff.