Wednesday, October 03, 2007

While My Moodle Server Weeps

This is one of the hazards of using castoff equipment to implement one's evil schemes.

If it croaks, you are up the creek.....

Ta and I are slowly watching the Moodle server die. Since the upgrade to Moodle 1.8.1, the server keeps crashing. When it's up, and when I'm administering courses and loading new files, it moves like molasses in the winter. Add a user, fiddle with 3 Captivate slides. Add a course, read an article. Load a file, go to local coffee shop to correct the blood/caffeine levels. Edit a section, read e-mail. And so it goes.

Reopening 2 courses and adding 3 files took me 2 hours + 1 server hard reboot.

A flood in the server room today (a major water main broke right next door) and the resulting power surge didn't help.

We've done all of the diagnostics. After some research, Ta is convinced we are staring at the death throes of the server. She has already replaced one blade.

The only "good" news about all of this - right now, there are very few people using Moodle in our organization since I am still in the process of updating the content.

Dear Moodle server - please please PUHLEEZE get well soon.


DrBob said...

Hi Wendy,

I use a virtual web host rather than my own server. I am currently running courses and attendance monitoring systems over five institutions for 398 students. All active. I only use 60% of the web host resources (Moodle is VERY efficient) all this costs me $5 a month. (Just about any web host will do it). This approach will save you a lot of pain!!!

If you want to give it a try then drop a line - - One way or the other...

Yay.. beginning of semester - start of year is great!!


Bill said...

Dr. Bob...we have a teacher that wants more information on your virtual host service...please email any information to:

thank you