Saturday, October 20, 2007

Random Things in My Head

Watching the Washington Capitals - they looked sooooo promising the first 3 games. What happened?!?!?!

Still thinking through how to create an ideal training program that encourages intrinsic self-motivation in a corporate environment. Tom Haskins has given some excellent ideas both in his comments and later post. He continued his thoughts the next day. I'm still kicking the issues around - but I haven't had enough quiet time to really meditate on the issue and come up with a clear idea of what I want to say. Right now - it's all unformed gut feelings.

I want to see a Cleveland / Colorado World Series.

I am 0-6-0 in Fantasy Football. The yucky part - I've been top 3 in points most weeks. Just I'm being beaten by people having good weeks. Curses! (And no, I won't tell you the name of my team. Not appropriate for a "g-rated" blog)

My stress relieving attempts have failed miserably. Evidence of this fact: I was diagnosed Friday with a case of Shingles. The good news - I'm not contagious to anyone who has already had chicken pox. The bad news - this stuff HURTS. No itchiness like chicken pox. Plan, flat out, focused radiating pain.

I knew something wasn't right this week. Friday afternoon, I called in a favor from Dr. F. (one of the side perks of working in health care - informal consultation). Showed her the rash, gave her a list of symptoms and timeline. She did a 2 minute exam. Classic case.

I'm not surprised. You've been under a lot of stress this week. And it really seems to have been wearing on you. When are the rest of the vendor folks coming....?

So I may finally get time to think about the issues Tom and I discussed. Hopefully through the haze of antiviral medication, painkillers and regular applications of calamine lotion and Aveeno skin relief cream (for the allergy rash that has appeared in tandem because my immune system is currently whacked out), I might be able to come up with something.

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Angela White said...

Dear Wendy,
So sorry to hear about the Shingles! Ouch! Hang in there...