Monday, October 01, 2007

Inspired by the Gaps

On my Case Study in Attitude post, Karen commented:

Loads of object lessons in this story, Wendy... some of them a little close to the bone ;-)

Yup. That's why I wrote it. I think I need those object lessons in attitude more than anybody. It's kind of a personal reminder. Sadly, I've been more like the Baltimore Orioles than the Washington Nationals this year...

This gets me thinking...How do you overcome a negative attitude and develop a positive one without being phony to yourself or having a nervous breakdown. How do you do it when it seems that circumstances are against you?

Please understand that right now, things are pretty good in my world. As a result, I find that now is a good time to think about these sorts of issues when it is easier for me to reflect and attempt to implement and practice.

I envy those with naturally sunny, positive dispositions.

Oh - and a big thank you to Dr. Karrer who reminded me why I love instructional technology:

OTHER than education/technology/eLearning/computers"
Hold it! What else is there?
Hopefully, you'll find inspiration soon.

Well, there is a LOT more than just that - but I can use the activities / events / interests outside of those fields and use the theories and skills that education/technology/eLearning/computers provides to continue exploring and processing my experiences.

Sometimes, I find the coolest things within the gaps......

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