Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Promised Question

OK - so I'm a bit late on the question...

And I'm hoping everyone was away from their computers this weekend :' )


Of the 4 games - which was your favorite and why?

I'm supplying links to the widgets below since the widgets did not show up in the feeds.....

You Don't Know Jack"

Please post your comment on your favorite game. I'll be summarizing the comments next Wednesday.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!


Karyn Romeis said...

I really enjoyed the sudoku, but then, I'm a bit of an addict, and there wasn't anything new or different about the game. So I guess my favourite would have to be You Don't Know Jack. It was fun, there was a bit of pressure and competitiveness involved. There was carrot and stick and I could see my accumulating total all the way through.

Tonya said...

I liked all of them, even if sudoku gave me a headache. I had never played You Don't Know Jack before, and that was fun. Frogger is always fun, even if it's just for the memories of years gone by.

I can't pick just one favorite, I really like You Don't Know Jack, and Frogger. One old favorite and one new favorite.