Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Preparing for the Moodle Upgrade

Almost 1 year and 2 versions later, it is time for us to upgrade Moodle.

Actually, the timing for our first upgrade is perfect.
- I have to dump 90% of the materials currently on the site.

- We have a new batch of residents and med students who have just been trained and don't need online tutorials yet.

- The more I look at the site, the uglier I think it is (grey marble was a fantastic idea at the time....)

- The 1.8 version of Moodle seems to have more flexible user security. Since we are talking about permitting external access, it would be a good idea to investigate this setup further.

So here is my "to do list" for this upgrade:

- Get a retrievable backup from Ta on Friday

- Get rid of all of the old tutorials hanging out on the site.

- Make sure the course organization is where I want it

- Do a final inventory of materials to make sure everything goes across

- Download all upgrade instructions and documentation for known issues

- Download both 1.7 and 1.8 stable builds and hotfixes (since it appears you have to upgrade to 1.7 FIRST then 1.8)

- Plan testing for both upgrades that week.

- Publish and load all of the new Captivate tutorials

- Test the new publication method with Moodle's reporting structure.

As with everything - I'm staring at an aggressive timeline. I hope to have something remotely useful by Labor Day.

Wish me luck......

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