Friday, August 03, 2007

Finding a Use for Facebook

I think I found a use for Facebook - for me....

The start of a personal toolkit....

I'm finding that there are interesting applications within Facebook that allow me to post items for feedback, play with new ideas, and share cool info and links with others. There seems to be an active developer community building new widgets all the time.

More importantly, for me, Facebook allows me to access stuff from 1 place while creating on the appropriate tools (links hosted on del.i.cious, accessed through Facebook; blog through Blogger, access through Facebook; videos on google Video, accessed through Facebook). As soon as I can get my Google Shared Item feed working, I'll be a real happy camper.

I know my plan seems a little awkward (don't you want to create in one place too?) - but I have found through hard experience that applications that try to do everything wind up doing nothing well. I spend enough time supporting crummy, overcomplicated applications that I don't want to mess with them in my recreational time.

I am also finding that this approach does not particularly rely on me waiting for others to participate. I have something independently useful that just also happens to have a social component.

Come by and visit - and for those of you who are more Facebook savvy - let me know what Facebook applications you have found useful.
Pretty danged exciting.

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