Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beware the Chicken-Throwing Educator

Lurking in a darkened corner of Facebook lies a crazed educator. Igor-like - she hulks over her keyboard preparing for the coming onslaught of students.

Suddenly - a chicken bonks her on the head. Maniacal laughter rings through the blogosphere as the chicken looks up at her - a bit dazed.

The chicken is kinda cute - in a cartoony sort of way. It clucks at her and settles in.

The sound of another flying chicken - another startled educator.


Suddenly - a barage of flying chickens!!!!

Because some ambitious chickens think they can fly - they hit unintended targets - like the grumpy professor, and his dour acolyte (who is secretly thrilled at being included in the fun, but can't let the professor know).

The grumpy professor yells (with a few well-chosen expletives) that chicken-throwing is NOT an appropriate pursuit for this highly serious corner of the blogosphere and demands that the chicken-thrower show themselves THIS INSTANT.

The chicken-throwing educator prepares another chicken. Whispering in it's ear about the nice nest it can build in his toupee. The chicken, the smartest of the batch, clucks in understanding and, with a little help from the purpose built chicken-catapult, lands squarely on the professor's head.


The grumpy professor goes into full tantrum (expletives, panicky gestures and all) and laughter covers the education blogosphere.


So why chickens? Well sheep are heavy. Cows are heavier. And fish are unsatisfyingly floppy.

Plus, there is a level of unpredictability about a chicken. They think they can fly and occasionally direct themselves to unintended targets.

Much like the stuff we put out there day in and day out. We have an idea of our target audience. But we later find our material used for unintended purposes. It's that level of unpredictability that makes our job so exciting.



Karyn Romeis said...

There, there, Wendy - those nice men in their white coats will be along shortly...

Great post - I can visualise it all happening!

Wendy said...

I hear extra-long sleeves are in this season :' )