Friday, July 27, 2007

Working with Green Shoes

It's that time of year when I realize that all of my shoes have become too smelly and abused to be worn. This year, I've decided to stick to comfy shoes. This may be an old age thing, but I would like to walk when I get older.

All of my shoes are black (save for a black and white pair of saddle shoe golf spikes and 1 pair of brown heels). I see cool shoes in interesting colors on other women, yet I still buy boring black.

In an attempt to get myself out of this rut, I bought a pair of Army Green Crocs (just like the ones pictured above). And yes, they are just as ugly in real life. Since I work in health care, I can get away with wearing these to work. A good thing since these things are super duper comfy.

I've discovered a few things about having these shoes:

- It helps me relate to all of the nurses, docs, and residents who also wear Crocs. There seems to be a "Cult of Crocs" among health care professionals. They tend to pay more attention to what I'm saying as a result. I forgot how important "relatability" is when teaching.

- Because these shoes are green - I have to think harder about what I wear with them. I sense that many end-users have the same issue with subtle interface changes. Things they once did before on auto-pilot (like putting on shoes) now require more thought (Does this shirt go with those shoes? Are black slacks a good idea?). Until the end-user is able to go back to auto-pilot mastery, they will be uncomfortable. Some will get there more quickly than others. I know I am still agonizing over what to wear with my army green shoes.....

- I am inordinately proud of now acquiring a modicum of style - even if it is now the style of a 7 year old..... I don't understand why my co-workers are still threatening to submit me to What Not to Wear....


Karyn Romeis said...

My best friend from high school is like this totally high falutin' surgeon person and she says Crocs are the business. I always thought they were just ugly. But when this high powered medical-type person you've known since you were 11 tells you that something is the business you give it a try, right. I bought a piar of turquoise ones recently during a conference when I had been walking all over town and my feet were covered in blisters and I discovered something. They ARE the business. I have never worn anything so comfortable on my feet in my life! They don't pinch or rub or anything. And, being African, and having spent a vast amount of time barefoot, I have really broad feet, so that's quite an achievement. And antibacterial into the bargain I'm told.

Still ugly, though - even with the little smileys I stuck on them.

Angela White said...

I love this post. My 2 1/2 year-old daughter and my wife have matching purple Crocs. Pretty much all of my neighbors and all of their children have them. Thank goodness there are so many colors cause when we have BBQ gatherings in our back yard that's the only way to tell them apart when they get kicked off all around the edge of the sandbox.

I don't have a pair. I respect them, but I just don't like the clown-feet look. (However, I will admit to you that when no one is home I wear my wife's to run out for the mail, to take out the garbage, or feed the birds. But, Don't tell anyone.)