Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Using My IT Buddy

I received an excellent example of the value of IT friends within an organization.

Yesterday, I talked to one of the members of our network team. The conversation started with borrowing sugar (all we currently have in our office is Splenda, Equal, and Sweet and Low - YUCK!).

As we talked, he saw the Google Sidebar on my personal laptop.

So you've found Google Sidebar?

Yeah - I'm thinking of using it as a possible training resource tool here. Whaddya think?

I love Google Sidebar. Very cool tool. I have it on my home PC. I'm really concerned about how the computers here are going to behave with it. Half of them are crawling as it is. And, from what I can tell, Google Sidebar seems memory-hungry.

Hmmm.. you gotta point there. It would be cool to be able to put the resources where they need it. Maybe build some Gadgets that have useful feeds from the FDA Drug Recall alerts, Short tutorial links from our Moodle site. Maybe a tutorial search.

Yeah - I've been playing with the Gadget tool. It's a bit awkward. But I like your idea. With as slow as our systems have been since the upgrade, I'm afraid it may be a bit much.

Had I thought about our ongoing slowness and performance issues BEFORE talking to the network guy? Of course not. Is he right? Yup.

Since speed is such a priority in our organization - at all angles - doing anything that will slow down the computers (or anything else) is a no-no.

It won't stop me from playing with the idea. As I build, I hope to find a workaround that won't be as network and PC intensive. I suspect I'll get the help to take care of the slowness issue if my proof of concept is solid.

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