Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting Started with Web 2.0

Just finished presenting with Brent Schlenker at eLearnDevCon 2007. I had hoped to put together a video of the presentation. Of course – I had the camcorder set on Video Card rather than video tape. Hence – no movie. I love technology…..

Brent and I literally met each other 10 minutes before the presentation. I think that made for a more interesting interaction.

I’ve been excited (and somewhat nervous) about this presentation since I roped him into doing this.

Brent and I come at blogging and web 2.0 technologies from very different perspectives. The optimist and the pessimist. The social butterfly and the antisocial introvert. I hope that the contrast came through during our talk.

We got some interesting questions and I wish we had more time to really engage.

Wikis: How do you incorporate this into the organization? How do you handle people giving misinformation?

Brent’s take – the openness is the healthiest and best thing about this technology. You start having more constructive discussions as an organization and can start addressing issues productively.

My take – start small. Non-threatening content. Project plans, schedules or something like that. Few people – you and a few co-workers. Word will start getting around. People will get more comfortable, then you can start tackling more controversial topics and add more people.

Blogs: Don’t you fear people saying bad things about you?

Brent: They’re gonna do it anyway. The contacts and networks you create are infinitely more valuable.

Me: I was very nervous about that. But the eLearning blogosphere is so friendly and filled with people who WANT you to succeed. That’s what surprised me. Especially since I still see blogging as a personal processing tool. I’m STILL surprised people read my blog.

I’m hoping the takeaway from the session was the value of the network that you can build using these technologies.

I’m thinking next year, a session on ideas for incorporating these technologies in a corporate environment and overcoming corporate fear would be a really good thing.

Thankfully, the Rapid Intake folks did screenshot and sound recording. I hope to get my mitts on the recorded session and post it here so that you all can at least hear the conversation.

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Brent Schlenker said...

I truly enjoyed presenting with you, Wendy. Thanks for putting that together and asking me to participate.

The funny thing is that even after 2 years, I too still can't believe people actually read my blog ;-)

Good times! Who's going to be the next one to step up and say, "Wendy and Brent made me do it". Start a blog that is ;-)