Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Review from the Peanut Gallery

This weekend, I put together a travel pack and dragged the Wii over to my gamer friend's house.

I knew my A/V experience would come in handy sometime. The console is very portable and quite sturdy using an old laptop bag for my carrier. The only potentially fragile piece is the sensor bar - which you can protect by placing it in a separate pocket with the vertical Wii stand.

It took about 5 minutes to set up, 2 minutes to synch the other 2 remotes - and we were ready to go.

The 3 of us started with Wii Sports Bowling. I found that this game was the easiest to pick up with the controller. Sadly, I found that my natural bad bowling habits are starting to come through with this game. It's easy to develop a nasty curve that mimics the nasty curve in my real bowling throw.

They also enjoyed Wii Tennis. Of course the 1 who excelled at tennis kicked our butts. That simple fact leads me to believe that Nintendo really got that motion sensor down.

The general consensus after an hour of play with the Xbox fanatics - this is a very cool thing.

Eventually - I'll drag out the Tiger Woods.... I'll be curious to see how they react to this game. Especially since they are huge Xbox Tiger Woods fans.

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