Friday, June 01, 2007

Post-Upgrade: Groundhog Day

I know I've been silent about the upgrade project over the past week. Partially because I've been just so dang tired. Partially because my days at work have seemed like a nightmarish version of Groundhog Day.

1)Drag myself into work at ungodly hour
2)Check to see if the system is still running
3)Receive panicky phone call / e-mail / visit from end user
4)Find "broken" computer
5)Report problem to the appropriate authorities (screenshots, steps before the problem occurred, etc)
6)Fix "broken" computer
7)Repeat steps 3 - 6 ad nauseum until 5pm
8)Repeat entire process the next day

Since I last reported - we have touched practically every public computer in the building at least twice. This after performing extensive testing on the machines the week before.

The sad realization we are coming to - this upgrade is just not stable.

1) The application itself has some twitchy areas that still don't work quite right. Unfortunately, the problems are inconsistent enough that we can't seem to replicate them on demand - therefore making it harder to fix the problem.

2) The Active X and .NET push to the office computers is getting corrupted by something in the user settings within our generic network users. The controls are more stable for users with administrative access to their machines. For an organization with a lot of public PCs (and patients waiting extended periods of time in exam rooms with these PCs) - requiring administrative access to work a core application is not acceptable.

The good news in all of this - at least people are remembering how to move around in the product. So the training wasn't a complete bust.

Excuse me...I have to take another call.

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