Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Organization Gets Serious

The new upgrade has finally settled in a bit and we can move on with life. In my case - it means spending a harried month building as many interactive tutorials as humanly possible by July 23rd.

Now that things have gotten quiet - the upper management (Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer) have decided that it is now time to put some real enforcement in place for this new system. i.e. hit 'em in the pocketbook.

I never thought I would see the day.....

They are starting with some basic tasks that leave the organization open to lawsuits - verifying results and signing notes. They are giving the docs 7 days to complete these tasks. IT runs reports to check whether this is happening.

The punishment: If the doc is leaving the organization - the final check will be withheld until the tasks are completed. If the doc has completed his or her tasks and new tasks come in after the departure date - a single provider will be held responsible for completing these tasks. With the new contracts - bonuses will be withheld if the doc does not do his or her tasks in a timely manner.

Most upper management in health care organizations are scared to confront their docs. Especially if they bring in "lots of money." These 2 have finally decided that everyone - including providers - is replaceable. They have also decided that the risks some of our highest-earning providers open the organization to outweigh the money they bring in.

Not a moment too soon......

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