Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's All Practice with Feedback!

Cammy Bean gave me some fantastic feedback about some of my ideas for the tutorials I am building in the comments for my last post.

What if it's all practice with feedback? Donald Clark's post pointed to some recent research on this.

Of course, provide some of the context/instruction the docs will need, but embed that right into your practice exercises using realistic scenarios.

That's the direction I am attempting to head. A comment within Mr. Clark's post by Clive Shepherd summarizes one of the primary concerns of my end-users:

If you don't receive at least some information and/or a model (example), how do you know what to practice?

Right now - I am building the model. Mostly for something my boss can show at the vendor conference August 1.


There are still arguments in my organization regarding the need for practice.

The only way I am going to learn this is by using it in the clinic. I don't want to waste my time "practicing" things.

So you want to waste your time figuring it out in the clinic with the patient in front of you?

You are going to be hanging out with me my first day, aren't you?

Multiply that by 1500.

Thanks Cammie for some research ammunition.

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Cammy Bean said...

That's why we're all here! Keep us posted.