Sunday, May 06, 2007

Working with Contract Trainers

The 2 week delay in the project helped us get our contract trainers ready for the training weeks.

We had them come in at the originally scheduled time to get them familiar with our system and the way we have the Electronic Medical Record configured. Since the software we are using is so highly customizable - we felt that it was important to show them what we did and the background behind our decisions.

After a 3 hour introduction and demo of each of the courses that will be delivered during the training weeks - we set the trainers loose with the trainers guides and the application to hack their way through the system.

I am soooo happy you let us play with the system like this. This helps us A LOT! - the contract trainers.

We had them come back in the 2 business days before the training starts. In the interim - they had a chance to look over the materials a bit more. We had also arranged 2 pilot trainings to allow the trainers to get their first training session out of the way before the real training starts. This helped them get more comfortable with the flow of the training and the types of questions they can expect. We also got a chance to see their training style and how our employees are going to react to them. Even the employees who were "volunteered" to participate found the session useful and helped them get over some of their reservations about this upgrade.

(Our secretarial staff was quite fond of the very good looking male contract trainer. I had never seen them so giddy.....)

We debriefed at the end of each of the pilot sessions: what needed further emphasis and clarification, pacing, their comfort levels.

The contract trainers were happy that they got a chance to see the material first, spend a couple of weeks absorbing, then got a "dress-rehersal" before being thrown to the wolves.

The contract trainers are also thrilled that we are going to team-teach. The time frame is so tight for the amount of material we need to cover that the extra person is going to be helpful for keeping laggards in-line and assisting with classroom management. The fact that the extra person is one of us will help take care of the site-specific questions that are a part of all application training (....But how are we going to doooooo this?)

We've tried to incorporate as much of their workflows as possible into the training materials - but it's nice to have people who are familiar with the specifics of these departments to field questions. I know it makes the contract trainers feel better....

I don't know why I feel this way - but I am really excited that the contract trainers are so happy! My thinking is that the more that we can provide them to be successful - the better off we all are.

I'm hoping to diary each day of this 2 week project (to make up for how slack I've been with posting). This is gonna be good.......


Karyn Romeis said...

"I don't know why I feel this way - but I am really excited that the contract trainers are so happy!"

See my post

I think the reason you're feeling positive is because you realise the benefit of a motivated trainer.

Anonymous said...

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Good Luck


Anonymous said...

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