Thursday, May 17, 2007

Week 2 Day 4 - Mucky Muck Visit 2

Today's visits - the CEO for the vendor (expected), the CTO for the vendor, and some other high level person who's title I don't know.

The CEO and CTO surprised me and one of the contract trainers during one of the sessions.

After 2 minutes, the CTO sidled up to me and asked "Are you nervous?"
Yes. For 2 reasons. 1 - I'm praying that what we did works next week. 2 - The desire to impress alternating with the feeling that they are in my way makes me uncomfortable with important visitors.

I only told the CTO the first reason.

The visits went well. Even if that meant the 10:00 sessions were somewhat chaotic. Mad props to the contract trainers who handled the situation with professionalism and grace. After 9 intensive workdays together, I trust these 4 contract trainers implicitly. I'm not very trusting of strangers - so for me to say that is HUGE.

We went out for celebratory beverages last night. It dawned on me that this whole experience reminds me of theatre. You work so hard for so long with a group of people planning and prepping. The bickering and arguing that occurs during this time is part of the process. The show finally starts and during those performance days, you are ON. At this time, people become very close if they haven't already. When the run ends - there is a sense of loss as the group breaks up.

We're losing one of the team on Sunday as the training ends. I think I'm gonna miss these people.

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