Monday, May 14, 2007

Week 2 Day 1 - Where Did Everyone Go?

Ah yes...the Monday after a holiday (Mother's Day). People calling in "sick." Understaffed clinics during the busiest outpatient day of the week in our clinic.

The Director of Medicine and I are team-teaching 2 courses we dreamed up at the spur of the moment last Thursday. Thus far, I have seen a whopping 2 people. 1 at 9am and 1 at 10am.

I'd like to tell you I am getting a lot of work done on the side. I'm not. Coming to work at 4:30am really puts a damper on one's productivity later in the day....

The other rooms are not doing much better. I think altogether, we've seen about 15 people today in all 4 rooms. Considering we still have about 300 outstanding users plus another 400 that need to go through secondary training - I'm a bit worried.

Doesn't help that it is mighty pretty out right now.

1 more session scheduled at 4pm. Half hoping that no one shows so I can go play golf - then go to bed early to prepare for another 12 hour day tomorrow....

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