Saturday, May 12, 2007

Week 1 Day 5 - Flexibility and Goodwill

I spent much of the day training doctors and finalizing plans for week 2 of training.

Things that seem to work:

- For the provider training - maintaining a level of flexibility over the course. Answering questions immediately. Emphasizing things that they may be interested in.

- Reiterating the opportunities they have if they want more help. Inviting them to come back to training if they want. Inviting them to workshop sessions for more 1 on 1 attention. Repeating support plans so they don't feel so abandoned.

- Workshop sessions. We've had more takers than I figured we would. Even more importantly - saying that these more individualized sessions are available - whether they take advantage of them or not - seems to breed goodwill. Of all the stuff we planned, this was the best idea yet....

Many of our provider sessions wind up evolving into workshops anyway. Not freaking out when you "lose control of the class" works well. Especially when there is a second person in the room to help handle side questions. Address those questions immediately, and the providers seem much happier. Address those questions on the side rather than in a public forum, they are happier still.

If I had the resources and time to do more 1 on 1 training with the docs, I would have. For what we had to work with, this system worked well.


I spent the brief gaps in the schedule planning for week 2. We never really finalized our plans for that second week because we wanted to see who showed for the training and if other needs should be addressed.

We had fantastic turnout for the administrative and front desk training. I think we got almost everyone - plus a bunch of people at the hospital. So - no Administrative Basics needed for the 2nd week. I had designed the 4 courses to be reasonably interchangeable, so if an administrator wanders into Basics next week - he or she will still get what they need.

Looking at the attendance sheets for the training - I saw large clinical chunks of some departments that did not make it to training. Especially providers. I'm not terribly surprised. So 1 classroom - full sessions - Provider basics. I'm sticking my least comfortable contract trainer in that classroom and hoping for the best.

Actually - now that I write that sentence, it's striking me that this is not such a good idea......I now wish that she was more comfortable with the portions of the program we need to teach. I'm also a little concerned since the other 3 contract trainers picked up the new material so quickly and she didn't. Can't do much about that now....

We separated out the "advanced" training into providers and staff again. Same material, slightly different emphasis. And it will allow the provider sessions to "devolve into chaos" again. This will be a good thing.

The Director of Medicine and I will teach alternating "advanced" classes for the administrators to address some of the new features and tasks the providers will generate as a result of this upgrade. Also to give them more familiarity with that the docs will do in this system. Because we all know that the docs will go to their secretary for help. Might as well prepare them....

I wish we had more trainer bodies in the MFA rather than just the 4 of us. Right now - we're just going to try to stay flexible and hope that next week goes as smoothly as the last.

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