Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Week 1 Day 3 -the Calm Before the Storm

The days classes were lighter than expected. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Wednesdays around here are either very busy with double-booked clinics or the docs are at the hospital doing rounds and surgery.

We're expecting the feet-draggers to start showing over the next couple of days.

One surprise has been how receptive the administrative staff are to the new things they will need to do. We were all expecting a lot more pushback from this group. Instead - they seem genuinely excited. Maybe someone started spiking the water....

The main point of pushback that I've seen has been the move towards biometric passwords (fingerprint recognition) for our Electronic Medical Record. Some people are INCREDIBLY concerned about how the organization is going to use those passwords. Unless I'm being misled, the only thing we plan to do with this information is to use biometrics to ensure that passwords aren't shared or forgotten. No files to the FBI. No background checks that haven't already been done. I can understand why folks are nervous, though.

Day 3 is over. 7 more to go....

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