Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Week 1 Day 2 - Deer in Headlights

Wendy - I think you and I need to do the provider training.
This was not what I wanted to hear first thing in the morning.
From the questions I've been getting - I don't think our contract trainers will work. And we haven't been getting a consistent provider presence.
I'm afraid she's right.
I'm also worried that their teaching style is really going to turn them off. The contract trainers act like teachers. They are a little too perky and repetitive. I don't think that's going to work.
I think she's probably right there too. This group seems to respond better to cranky and direct. This may be why I'm still employed.
We are never going to be able to give them enough context to really be useful. And I think that with this group - they can't go by the book like they can with the other trainings.
Judging from the "deer-in-headlights" stare we've been getting after 60 minutes from most of the providers, she's right here as well. There are times when I really hate that.....

I reworked the schedule for the rest of the week so that Gesine (the trainer I was speaking with) and I deliver the provider trainings. We also recruited the apps team for more time in the other rooms to make up for our lack of availability. Hate to say it, but I think this is going to work better.

We scheduled our day so that we have 30 minutes to debrief (and eat) at 1pm and a 1 hour "workshop" session in all of the rooms for more personalized time with the system. Already - these sessions have become popular with the doctors. They are realizing that the 60 minutes they gave us (didn't find that out until last Wednesday) is not enough time. So many of them are taking it upon themselves to attend multiple sessions and attend the workshops. 2 days in, and I've got some docs who've attended 2 sessions.

During the provider sessions, we've had another provider more versed in the product with us in the room as support and to field questions from the docs. Doctors listen to doctors. Non-doctors are considered uneducated peons (even if you have lots of university-sponsored wallpaper on your wall). So having an MD in the room is very important. If only to reiterate what you said.

The CEO popped his head in the room during the 2:30 session yesterday. The support provider pulled him back into the hallway to talk.

MD: I don't think the docs are getting it. I'm really concerned.
CEO: But this is the simple version of the product. We'll give them the more complicated stuff in 30-60 days.

Never mind that there is no "simple version of the product." Nice of the MD to try to buy us more time.

Overall - I'm so thrilled at how the training has gone so far that I can hardly contain myself. The timing for all of the classes is down cold. Everyone is getting the information they need. The message is consistent.

I'm a pretty happy camper right now.

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