Monday, May 07, 2007

Week 1 Day 1 - Losing the Beginners Eye

Today - I learned I need to get out of the classroom. Really.

Take 1 trainer. 90 minutes. 3 hours worth of material. 2 weekends to herself in 2007. and 60-70 hour work weeks. What do you get?

A trainer who delivers the 3 hours worth of material in less than 60 minutes - leaving hypereducated doctors wondering what hit them.

This is why we brought in contractors to do the training. They are bringing fresh energy and patience to a team that has run out of both.

I did 4 sessions back to back with the providers. I had the most crowded classes of the 4 rooms that we had running. And I realized after the 2nd session that I had gotten too far ahead of the students. I had spent so much time in this program I had lost touch of the beginner. I tried to slow things down, explain more patiently, add more exercises - to no avail....

In the afternoon, I helped one of the contract trainers as the teaching aide. Watching her patiently explain the program to the front-desk staff. Watching her engage them in exercises. Pulling interesting analogies and explanations out of the material. Fresh eyes, fresh energy, fresh attitude.

Wednesday - we get our fourth contract trainer. I can then play teachers aide for the rest of the training time. And figure out how to get that beginner's eye back.

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