Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Support Week Days 2 and 3 - Fighting Back

The docs are getting comfortable enough with the system now to start nit-picking it.

Why does the button do this rather than that?

Can I redesign the screen?

It's slow! Are you going to fix it?

All part of the process. We have run into the expected technical issues (especially since we are working with a beta product). Otherwise - things have worked as expected.

The clinic has been much busier over the past couple of days. More docs, more patients, more being yanked around addressing issues and questions. The vendor's folks are noticing how tired the client's folks are. Personally, I'm exhausted and I'm finding that my sense of humor is disappearing.

We're at a point where I am starting to make myself scarcer around the clinics I am supporting. Trying to nudge people into independence. Seems to be working - my phone has been quiet for the past hour.

At the end of yesterday's clinic, the boss and the vendor's chief technology officer held a surprise party for the team. The organization gave each of the folks helping us a nice engraved crystal clock. The vendor sprung for good wine, 6 bottles of Veuve Cliquot and 2 bottles of '98 Dom Perignon. A good (if short) time was had by all. I think doing that sort of party mid-week was a good idea. Helps to motivate the team halfway through the toughest part of the go-live process - getting out there and supporting frustrated users.

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