Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Support Day 1 - Did it stick?

I went into Monday morning with dread. Gearing myself up for the inevitable pull from multiple directions and the wrath of frustrated people.

We had some technical issues in the morning, but it was otherwise uneventful.

Even happier - people generally remembered what we showed them in training. The general comment from the docs:

It slowed me down a little bit - but only because I am still figuring out where things are.

The biggest thing they seemed to forget was where to add information. Otherwise, they navigated pretty smoothly.

The providers I worked with yesterday were out the door on time. To me - that is success.

We only had a problem with one department - a department we expected to have a problem with. Some of the providers in that department took the opportunity to lash out at the contract trainer who was providing support for the area. I went to that department to help for a bit yesterday morning. One of the docs - hoping to find someone who will put up with her grief - lashed out at me.

I had dealt with this doc before and knew that she gets like this when learning something new. Didn't help that we were having technical problems on the machines in her exam rooms that day. I let her go 3 minutes - then told her the same things the contract trainer did to help her. We'll do what we can to deal with the technical issues. We understand she's frustrated. These are the issues we are aware of and are working to resolve. Thank you for your patience. Then I walked away - dragging the contract trainer with me and leaving the doc yelling like a maniac down the hall.

I wish that was the only person in that department we had problems with. Saddest of all - the person who was supposed to be the superuser in that department spent the entire day bad-mouthing us, the new upgrade, and everything to do with the project. For no good reason other than her frustration.

By the end of the day, the trainer was the most upset I had seen her throughout this entire project. She's normally a very bubbly personality.

So I am waiting for the boss to come in this morning to see what we can do to mitigate some of the issues in that department and to get some backup for the contract trainer. A couple of our staff helped her yesterday afternoon - but they had to be in and out. And we don't have enough bodies to supply a full time staff person for support.

This is what change management looks like in the trenches. Exhausted staff trying to support frustrated docs.

And, oddly, after 5 years of doing implementations - it struck me that this first implementation day is the smoothest I have ever been involved in. Why? Because by 2pm - I was in the way and not needed. That's a great feeling.

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