Monday, May 07, 2007

Starting Shorthanded

We are starting week 1 - day 1 shorthanded 2 trainers. We didn't find out that one of the contract trainers was not going to make it here until Friday. No replacement. So we are short 1 contract trainer until Wednesday. I've recruited some of the apps team to serve as the MFA representative in one of the rooms while I teach the docs.

We are also still short 1 MFA trainer. I had mentioned a few months ago that she was fighting breast cancer.

Her lumpectomy went well. The cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes. The doctors figured a few weeks of radiation therapy and all would be well.

Then the pathology report came back. Turns out she had a very fast-moving form of the cancer. If she just stuck with the radiation, the chance of it coming back was over 50%. With chemo - the chance of it coming back was less than 10%.

After absorbing the news, she took one of her liveliest friends wig shopping. She's been by a few times this all started to show off her new hair and scarf wardrobe.

She had hoped to continue helping us as her energy allowed - but chemo is kicking her butt.

First, she's suffering from "chemo-brain".

I find myself cleaning house at 5am and I'm not entirely sure why.... The OCD is kicking in HARD.

Her e-mails have also become rambling and somewhat nonsensical. It takes a few times to figure out what she means. She's having a really hard time concentrating. Fortunately, her sense of humor is intact.

Second, her fingers have started cracking and bleeding. They are so painful she can't type.

Despite these health challenges, she is doing incredibly well. We think she's going to come back sometime in August. Stronger and funnier than ever.....

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