Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Know How She Feels

Currently catching up on my feed reader....

I've had a tough time even looking at a computer the past couple of days - much less doing anything on one. So Tony Karrer's comments on an insightful post by Angela White proved to be quite timely.

Angela describes what we all go through - particularly when we have been blogging for any length of time (like a month).

There's 2 parts to this issue - as far as I can tell.

Part 1 is the overwhelming amount of information that you can gather through the RSS feeds. Neglect them for a day - and you start feeling WAY behind. (Joitske Hulsebosch has a great comment on Tony's post regarding this very issue). You see lots of stuff to comment on, yet you find you don't have the time or energy (for whatever reason) to process all of this new knowledge.

Part 2 is actually writing down your thoughts in anything resembling a coherent fashion. Any creative endeavor requires energy. If your creative energy is being spent other places (either out of desire or necessity), it becomes much harder to focus on writing for the blog. At least, that has been my experience.

The past few days - I've been fighting through the physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that accompanies the conclusion of a major project. I stare at my feed reader and idly click the Next button - if only to lower that nasty (100+) number that mocks me. I've opened Blogger twice this week with the intention of posting something and stare at the screen.

All you can do is trust that an idea or thought will eventually become so compelling that you just have to write about it.

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Angela White said...

Tony turned me on to your blog in his post "Blogging Challenges". I just read several of your posts regarding your upgrade project. And now I'm *really* tired! :-)

You said it really well here. I am using an RSS reader and it piles up. But I just don't want to miss a thing! I want to acknowledge everyone that puts something out there because it's the reason I don't feel alone in my cube anymore. There's inspiration, ideas, tools, and shared experiences every time I click on a link. Cheers!