Sunday, May 20, 2007

Go Live Weekend

I'm always amazed at the issues that arise when an application is moved from test to live.

The network team had spent a LOT of time Saturday making sure everything was kosher for the superusers on Sunday. Guess what - we wound up having to touch probably 200 machines today. About 150 more than hoped.

The server crashed 30 minutes before the go live decision was supposed to be made. We wound up sending our superusers home - leaving the IT department to test the remaining PCs.

Lots of things that had been fixed through the various builds suddenly stopped working.

Then we found a couple of design issues that had always been there - we just never noticed until now. With as complicated as this system is, I'm kinda surprised we caught it before our docs did.

So - 20 hours later and 80 hours into the longest workweek ever (only 5 more 12 hour days to go), we are going live with this new system.

I hope Monday is not as bad as we all fear.....

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