Monday, April 02, 2007

Video Experiment: Old Hickory Golf Course

I spent Sunday playing with Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia. Camtasia gives me more options with captions and an extra soundtrack. Movie Maker provides better titles. After spending 7 hours playing with the editing, I've learned the following:

- I REALLY want more than 2 audio tracks. You'll hear it with the bad cuts between the theme music and my narration.

- I spent way too much time in the bathroom. It was a very nice bathroom. Female golfers would understand......

- A storyline is a good thing. I took the video first - on the sly since I wasn't sure of the course's video policy and I was afraid of slowing down my playing partners and anyone behind me. I shouldn't have worried.... When I've made movies before, I've had a script first and filmed around the script. I have much greater respect now for folks who do post-production on reality TV. Piecing together a cohesive story from random vignettes is much harder than it appears.

- I need to spend more time looking at how professionals edit their material.

- I'm beginning to think that a desktop Mac is going to be my next high-end techie purchase...... From the number of video podcasts who use iMovie, that may prove to be a good investment.

Sorry for the video quality. I'm still figuring out how to optimize my final product.

I've discovered that Camtasia doesn't do Windows Media (.wmv) format particularly well. And, though I saved my work regularly, I managed to lose a lot of my project. Not sure why that happened.

A few weeks ago, I had drinks with one of Discovery Channel's video editors. He recommended Quicktime as a final format. I may need to experiment with that next....

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