Monday, April 16, 2007

My Heart Sinks

I NEVER thought I'd see something like this at one of my alma matters.
In buildings I spent quality time in over my misspent youth.

I don't even know what to link to. Or how to express my sadness.

What I found interesting was how quickly alumni and friends still there started e-mailing each other. Trying to figure out if everyone was ok.

The only person who could get through to the folks in Blacksburg via phone was an alum in Alaska.

Even more interesting - from listening to interviews, more people found out what was going on by word-of-mouth than by texting (from accounts from my friends - the mobile network was maxxed out) or Twitter or any other "new" social technology.

Right now - the major point of contention was how long it took for the administration to notify the students from the point of the first shooting via e-mail. I'll admit I am a little surprised that news hadn't spread between the students faster - from the students at West AJ to their friends outside that dorm as the building was in lockdown. The whole thing is so unreal - I doubt anyone would have believed it on first hearing.

I hope this horrible incident drives the students and faculty to spend their energy figuring out better communication solutions.

Thus far, it seems that everyone I know in Blacksburg is accounted for.

My thoughts and deep condolences are with those affected.


Karyn Romeis said...

Very glad to hear that everyone you know is safe and sound, Wendy. However, I'm sure their lives have still been deeply affected by the incident. What a gut wrenching loss to have to deal with for those who have lost loved ones. My melodramatic mind just pictures some salt of the earth blue collar family, deeply proud of their very first college student, now dealing with their death. Not that their loss should be any more tragic than that of any other family of course!

Perhaps such a case didn't happen exist this time, but tragedies of this type are becoming just too frequent. This world is broken.

Beau Yarbrough said...

I've been alternately almost broken from sorrow and filled with uncontrollable rage since this happened. I must look like a crazy person to everyone around me, 3,000 miles away from Blacksburg.

I get irrationally angry at NPR for not calling WUVT "woovit," as though they'd know or that it'd be appropriate to do so if they did.

I hate hearing Blacksburg mentioned on the news but have no patience for news of anything but.