Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Hoops of Fire

The most recent challenge - "You will only have 20 minutes to train the residents."


To their credit - the preceptors freaked when the medical director sent down this pronouncement. Of course - this happened at 4:30 pm on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

So we came up with a plan....

There is a 1 hour meeting for the residents who are working at other hospitals. The 3 preceptors who are leading the sessions for the next 3 weeks gave us their time. This will take care of 60 of them.

We are teaching 3 20 minute blocks (actually 10 minute blocks since everyone is at least 10 minutes late) - a different topic each week. This happens every day at the same time - catching the other 60 residents who rotate through.

I installed the new upgrade on an easily accessable for them to practice on. Of course, no one has....

We all pray that "informal learning" kicks in...

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