Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good to Great

I'm currently sitting with my computer working (again) on a weekend. Training documents requiring rewrites surround me. Laptop in lap. 5 firefox tabs and 4 programs open.

The boyfriend was flipping through channels and caught Good to Great on WETA HD.

Channel surfing stopped.

The documentary is based on Jim Collins' research regarding what made the difference between good companies and great companies.

Admittedly - the series is a long advertisement for his book - but the case studies he provides (Southwest, Starbucks, the Dallas Police Department) confirms some of my thoughts about management:

- The importance of the right people in the right places
- The need to confront brutal facts
- Why charismatic leaders shouldn't be trusted
- The importance of planning (more of an underlying theme rather than something Mr. Collins overtly discusses in the documentary).

Occasionally - having some of my ideas confirmed by experts becomes depressing. If only because the gap between what is and what could be is so great.

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Beau Yarbrough said...

You should come work for the local school district; every conversation with a principal or anyone in the higher echelons eventually works its way around to discussing the book.