Thursday, April 05, 2007

Evolving Meetings

As the evil upgrade project stretches longer - the trainers have finally run out of teaching ideas. One of the younger trainers went into her session with a set agenda. "I'll have the group show me how they process prescription refills using the new system and go through a clinical visit." The idea made some sense, since she had a good mix of people. On the other hand - I am beginning to feel like we are beating a dead horse.

I think the SuperUsers have hit the point where they are tired of coming to the meetings and tired of seeing us. Don't blame them.

So when I walked into my class - I saw 5 people who work in the same department. The department, as a whole, is the most sophisticated group of end-users we have. Those 5 work very tightly together. So I figured if no one else showed up in 15 minutes - we could all get back to whatever it was we were doing. We've all had a nice 15 minute break. Caught up with each other. That sort of thing.

10 minutes in, the head nurse from one of the departments that use the EHR "sub-optimally" walked into the room.

Much to her surprise - I gave her carte-blanche to ask questions of the others and lead the meeting. "Here are members of a department that use the EHR in some great ways. They've passed through where your department is now. Now's your chance to ask them some questions. I think they can help you a lot."

After a little encouragement - she started warming up to the idea.

Some of the lower-level administrative people wandered out (they were shocked when I told them it was OK...).

At the end - the nurse asking the questions and the 2 answering the questions looked at me and said "You know - this was really helpful."

It's scary to walk into a "training" with absolutely no agenda. And there were a number of questions they looked to me to answer and I didn't have one. But it was OK. We all learned some new stuff about the upgrade. And I learned something new about letting go.

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