Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cold Feet

The go-live date has been pushed back (again) to May 21.

Projects like this remind me of planning for a wedding.

If you only leave 2 months to plan for a wedding - you are forced to make decisions quickly. No agonizing over the "right" flowers, bridesmaids dresses, and other annoying details. Less time for family and well-meaning friends to give you advice you don't need.

Same thing with projects. With short timeframes - workflow decisions have to be made quickly. Less time for co-workers and stakeholders to agonize over the change.

As the date keeps getting pushed back, the workflows and configurations keep changing because the stakeholders change their minds - again. As soon as I finalize documentation and training for the most recent "go live" date, the date gets pushed back further, all decisions are back up for negotiation, and the stakeholders get more nervous.

The closer we get to a real "go live" date, the more nervous the stakeholders become, the harder it is for us to maintain our superuser's attention, the louder the clinicians complaints about the change.

I'm not entirely sure how to mitigate this anxiety.

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